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Frequently asked questions and answers

A void is a large empty space or pocket under the slab.  It is not always apparent that a void is under the slab.  We sometimes have to drill a hole through the slab to determine how large a void is.  We can’t lift a slab without filling the void. We need a stable base in order to lift the slab. Voids can add a significant cost to the job so we always contact the owner before proceeding so everyone is on the same page.

Once you have decided you want the work done, all we need is a signature on the estimate we gave you.  Your signature is required prior to scheduling the work. You can e-mail or text a picture of your signed estimate. You can also send a copy to us via regular mail.

Once we receive the signed estimate, we will contact you to let you know you are in the line up for service.  We then call about a week from our expected service date to choose a day that works with your schedule.

Payment is due at the completion of the job.  We do not accept credit / debit cards  or electronic forms of payment at this time. We do accept checks either personal or bank issued checks.

We carry a one year warranty from the date of service when payment is made on time. 

We are not able to get an estimate over the phone as there are many factors that we need to look at so we can get you the best estimate for your job. Ball park prices are not always accurate so we really need to put our eyes on your concrete.

We use a one inch diameter drill bit. It is about the same size as a quarter.

It is always preferred but not required.  We will talk about it when we schedule your job. Some jobs such as void fills are a good time for the homeowner to be available to talk about the service.
That may be the case some of the time.  Other times there are factors such as tree roots, twisted slabs, and manhole covers that make it impossible to level up just one slab.  This is why we need to be onsite to review and evaluate every job.

Give us a call and we will take a look and give you a free estimate if we can help. If the slabs are beyond leveling repair, we can give you other options.

Caulking is a separate charge.  If caulking is something you would like us to do, we can give you an estimate for that at the same time as the leveling estimate.

Our insurance exceeds the industry standard.

Call, e-mail, or text us any time.  If you happen to get our voicemail, please leave a message and we will get back to you.

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