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What Makes Concrete Leveling Eco-friendly

Concrete leveling is a popular method used to repair uneven concrete surfaces. This process involves drilling small holes into the surface and injecting a mixture of crushed limestone beneath the concrete surface to lift it. There are no harmful chemicals in A1 Concrete Leveling slurry.

Besides the practical benefits of concrete leveling, it is also an eco-friendly solution, which makes it beneficial for both humans and the environment. In this blog, we will discuss what makes concrete leveling a great choice when fixing concrete surfaces and why A1 Concrete Leveling is the premier provider

  1. Reduced Waste
  2. The great thing about concrete leveling is that it doesn’t require the contractors to remove and replace the damaged concrete. Therefore, it produces less waste compared to replacing it.   Traditional methods consist of removing and replacing the damaged concrete, which results in a significant amount of waste and overfilled landfills. In contrast, concrete leveling only requires materials to be injected under the concrete surface, which helps eliminate all waste produced by replacing it.
  3. Reduced Disruption
  4. Since concrete leveling requires the use of equipment that is permanently mounted on trucks, most of the generated noise is contained and will take less time. Unlike removing or replacing concrete, there are no roll off containers, multiple heavy-weight trucks, or construction traffic.
  5. Reduced Energy Use
  6. For contractors, it’s very hard to work under the hot sun while moving materials or removing drilled concrete repeatedly. Traditional methods require a lot of manpower and consumable materials, such as gas for machinery to finish the project. But with A1 Concrete Leveling, less energy is needed compared to traditional repair methods. Not only does concrete leveling use fewer materials, it will also lower project costs, and the project time is significantly reduced.
  7. Long-Lasting Solution
  8. Often concrete leveling is utilized to increase the lifespan of existing concrete. Bringing uneven concrete back to its proper level will reduce ongoing concrete separation and growth of cracks.Stabilizing and restoring the concrete’s surface level can help prevent further damage and deterioration, reducing the need for frequent repairs. This method not only saves money in the long run but also reduces the need for additional materials and energy use associated with frequent repairs, making it an eco-friendly choice.The lifted concrete will remain stable so long as the underlying soil remains stable.
  9. No Harmful Chemicals
How about the use of chemicals? No worries because A1 Concrete Leveling does not use chemicals, making it a safe and eco-friendly  solution. The mixture  used in the process is non-toxic, and it does not emit any harmful gasses or chemicals. Using this type of non-toxic mixture is not only great for the environment but also keeps the workers and residents near the area safe. It is also very good for soil.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly solution to repair uneven and cracked concrete surfaces, concrete leveling is the way to go. By using this method, you can help reduce waste, material, and energy, as well as provide a long-lasting solution. If you need concrete leveling services in the Des Moines area,  A1 Concrete Leveling is the company you can trust.

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